Carroll County Heritage Center Museum

Inside the original Berryville County Courthouse is today the home to the Carroll County Heritage Center Museum. Towering above the historic public square, this 3-story brick building is on the National Register of Historic Sites, and houses a broad collection of history all under one roof.

Visitors can take a step back in time to experience how local Berryville citizens lived their life in north central Arkansas. Curated displays showcase a tableau of daily life from when settlers arrived here in the mid-1880s through today. This family-friendly museum is a great way to take a self-paced tour of Arkansas history.

The museum is located on the south side of the Berryville Public Square. Volunteers give tours. Call ahead for hours of operation.

During the course of the year the museum’s board hosts several special events. In addition, experts put on classes teaching classes.

Throughout April and May 2018, a class will be held on beginners lessons on “The History and Teaching of How to Weave, Warp, and Design on a Barn Loom”. These classes will be hosted by The Carroll County Historical Society, and supported by a grant from The Arkansas Humanities Council and National Endowment for the Humanities. Gayle Pace will serve as instructor and Martha Benson will provide an overview on the history of weaving. Sign-ups due no later than April 27, 2018.

If you want to learn more about what’s happening at the Carroll County Heritage Center, click here to visit their Facebook Page, or call the museum at (870) 423-6312.

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